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Cog O Two

V2 Acrylic Gaming Templates (Mandalorian) for Star Wars X-Wing

V2 Acrylic Gaming Templates (Mandalorian) for Star Wars X-Wing

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Acrylic Colour
Paint Infill

High quality version 2 compatible templates with the Mandalorian Logo.

Set comprises of -

Range 3 template
5 Movement template
4 Movement template
3 Movement template
2 Movement template
1 Movement template

3 Bank template
2 Bank template
1 Bank template

3 Turn template
2 Turn template
1 Turn template

Products are made from high quality 3mm acrylic.

Products are supplied engraved and UNPAINTED so you can customise your own.

Products are supplied with a protective cover to both sides of the acrylic. When buying unpainted products it is best to leave the protective paper on until the product has been painted and then remove once the paint is dry.

We use European cast acrylic and work to the manufacturers tolerance of -/+ 10%.

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