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Cog O Two

V2 Acrylic Colour Printed Gaming Templates (Galactic Republic)

V2 Acrylic Colour Printed Gaming Templates (Galactic Republic)

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Acrylic Colour
Logo Design


Version 2 compatible templates, Galactic Republic logo.

Range 3 template
Range 2 template
Range 1 template
5 Movement template
4 Movement template
3 Movement template
2 Movement template
1 Movement template
2 Movement notched template
1 Movement notched template

3 Bank template
2 Bank template
1 Bank template

3 Turn template
2 Turn template
1 Turn template

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Additional Info

Product graphics are UV printed and are highly durable.

Items are usually supplied with a protective cover to the back of the acrylic, which should be removed before use.


Acrylic Details

Products are made from high quality 3mm acrylic. We use European cast acrylic and work to the manufacturers tolerance of -/+ 10%.



This product is a third-party accessory manufactured by Cog 'O' Two. 

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