Custom Orders

Let us transform your ideas into a finished product.

We can help in all aspects of design and material choice.

The cheapest option for both printing and laser cutting would always be for you to do your own artwork.

We can use files in the most popular drawing package formats and we can work with you from day 1 to help work out what your options are. This is called your design brief.

Haven't got the software or don't know where to start? We can create the drawings for you. The price starts at £40.00 per hour and the total cost will be dependent upon the actual time spent on the job. 

There is a £10 artwork layout fee.

In the first instance you'll need to provide as much detail as possible.

Any drawing should be dimensioned and they should be in mm. It doesn't need to be to a 1:1 scale but it makes it easier for both you and us if the drawing is as accurate as possible. You should also think about Colours and Materials that you’d like to use.

Holes or other locations that you need should be marked precisely, with the diameter and the distance from the middle of the hole etc. to the nearest TWO adjacent edges of your part marked clearly.

Scan your drawing and send it to us. If you haven't got a scanner, most commercial printers or copy shops will be able to make a scan for you, a lot of public libraries have got scanners. Failing that, take a good picture and e-mail it to us instead and at least we can see where we're starting from.

Once we have your “brief”, we can give you an estimate and your available options.

We can only offer you our opinions for material types based on our limited knowledge of your project. The overall responsibility for ensuring your product and materials are fit for purpose is down to you.

A 50% deposit is payable before we start, proofs are sent for your sign off and once signed off the balance will be calculated and is payable before any further work commences.